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Capitalize Industrial Energy Management Services


Energy Capital Partners - The Value of Relationship Services

“Energy Capital Partners provided SSC in excess of $5,000,000 as phase one of a major plant and equipment improvement project to upgrade our clients manufacturing facility Our customer was able to keep the resulting capital assets off their balance sheet, thus controlling the associated debt and strengthening their financial position.”

--S. Michael Ratteree, President and Chief Executive Officer


Energy Capital Partners - Financial Services Proposal

Energy Capital Partners appreciates the opportunity to respond to SSC, Incorporated’s (“SSC”) request for specialized financing. In preparing this individually tailored umbrella proposal, we have strived to meet the needs of your organization. Our recommendation for the design and implementation of a $50,000,000 Industrial Energy Management Services proposal is built on the following foundation:

Operational Capacity to provide the required products and services coupled with the practical knowledge to anticipate problems;

Leadership in and commitment to creating financial solutions in a changing and challenging business environment; and

A Relationship Team comprised of experienced and knowledgeable professionals with a successful track record of working in energy-related industries.


Picture of Awards

USS Kobe Steel Company Gulf States Steel
Laclede Steel Corporation

Proceeds will be used to finance energy

conservation measures over a two year term

for USS/Kobe Steel Company which

is located in Lorain, Ohio.


Proceeds will be used to finance energy

conservation measures at Gulf States Steel, Inc

and Clark Refining & Marketing, Inc.


Proceeds will be used to finance

energy conservation projects

at the facilities of Laclede

Steel Corporation in Alton, Illinois.