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Individual Project Case Studies - Paper


Paper Mill Client Analysis Report

Client and Energy Pro-USA have entered into an agreement to combine resources to improve Client’s profitability by reducing the cost of energy required at the Client location mill, and increasing productivity of the processes there.

This Analysis Report outlines the business opportunities identified by Energy Pro-USA during our assessment of the Client mill. It further identifies areas for profit improvement which will require additional study. Business opportunities are presented for approval, based on the following priorities:

Alignment with Client business strategy
Risk adjusted return on investment
Minimum time and ability to implement

Along with these business opportunities, a set of statistical models is presented as the basis for measuring the actual contribution to profit for each of these improvement measures. These models have been audited by an independent firm and found to accurately measure plant electrical load, plant steam consumption, and monthly production for paper machines 1 and 2. Additional modeling tools are forthcoming.

Finally, this report provides a basis for agreement on investment, plans and schedules for improvement initiatives. Since the economics of each improvement measure depend on the time and cost required to implement them, changes to plans and schedules must be reviewed promptly and the economic impact assessed. The report sets forth a change management process to objectively deal with unforeseen events and assign accountability for costs associated with the change.