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Energy Management Services


Project Flowchart


Laclede Steel Company - Energy Management Project Analysis Summary

SSC Incorporated has been retained by Laclede Steel to conduct an energy management project at the Alton plant. Approval for commencement of the project was received on April 11, 1995.
Since that date, SSC personnel have been conducting an analysis of plant equipment, technology, procedures, organization and information flow. The purpose of this review is to discuss the results of the analysis and to gain agreement on implementation of recommendations.


Laclede Steel Company - ET Talk Article

Laclede Steel Company has joined forces with SSC Inc. to evaluate ways and means to reduce our energy costs at the Alton facility. I am sure we all have
come to appreciate the tremendous amount of energy that is consumed to produce one ton of steel at our plant. Our gas, electric, water, oxygen and plant air costs make up more than 20% of our total product conversion costs. Obviously, the opportunity to reduce energy costs as part of our strategy to produce low cost steel products seems to be great.

-- Bill Hebenstreit, Vice-President of Operations


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